Tuesday, July 08, 2008

In Which I Answer Some Questions

Is it really hot, Kerry?

It's hot, I'll give you that. But it is like they say--the lack of humidity makes a difference. The sun's glare is bad, but heatwise it's like being enveloped in an electric heating pad or when you curl yourself under a down comforter during the cold of winter and just stay.

In central NJ as a teen it was hard for me to breathe for the entire month of August. Cleveland isn't as humid, but still there were times the air just clung to you. Here, you move slowly but you can move.

It's in the 80s until about 8 am, and it's really nice. The sun is weaker, the air temp is pleasant. And then it starts to climb but it's all good until it hits 100 degrees about noon. The early afternoon is brutal, but it's warmer but pleasant about 5:30 til the sunset at 7:30 pm. That's the key--if it were light out until 10 pm like in Ohio, you couldn't live here at all.

Did the lack of humidity make your hair straight?

No, I still have the Veronica Lake curls! But my hair is too long. I need to find a Supercuts and then experiment with at-home hair dyeing.

Did you buy a bathing suit yet?

No, I will cop to having Fat Girl's Modesty Dilemma on that issue. The pool is tempting. SuperC sent me a bunch of links to Land's End and I know where the Sears and Target are, but I just can't get myself into the space to either figure out what might be vaguely flattering or something I'd feel comfortable wearing and go buy it. Especially since what I'd feel most comfortable wearing is something like this:

Maybe the FLDS ladies would consider making me a swimsuit? Perhaps if I refer to it as a "bathing dress."

Are you wearing shorts?

Not at the moment, no. At the moment I am wearing the awesome linen skirt I bought at Target last year. Because skirts are 100% cooler than shorts, always.

But I do have 2 pairs of shorts, and I do wear them. Thanks, Mom!

Lost any weight yet?

Yeah, don't think so. I have been doing the morning workouts with Dusie and Jesse X though (more on that later).

What's up at your house?

My relator advised getting the cleaning ladies in. You know that after I broke my arm, all my mother's training fell away and I became a really huge slob, just like my dad in her opinion. Whatever. it turns out Dusie is neat but not a cleaner herself, so we manage fine. People have come to see the house though, which is good.

Oh, and the performance artists got busted on the fires! If you want the link to his incoherent rant about it, email me or mention it in the comments. It's hilarious, but I don't want the trackback trail to him. All I need is him getting on my case. Oh, and he flagrantly lies too. I have pictures to refute.

Why no pictures of AZ?

USPS stole my most valuable box. Among other things, it contains the cable that connects the digital camera to the computer. Supposedly it has arrived in Mesa. We shall see. I shall train my dog army to attack and avenge the loss of my crap otherwise.

When/if that shows up, I will post pictures of adorable cacti, dogs, misters, Mexican restaurants, 50's motels, the library, and whatever else captures my interest.

How's Cain doing?

You know, for a woman who doesn't hold with indoor pets, my mom seems awfully affectionate and fond of him. His nerves are a little jangled from the work she's having done on the house, but he runs and greets her every evening when she comes home and lets her brush him and gets in her face. He's lost weight, and is really playful.

She has informed me that yes, he would like a brother when I am settled.

How much water do you have to drink?

I try for 75 ounces a day, not including Happy Hour Cherry Limeades and other beverages. Aces told me I should aim for 100-125 ounces. I drink the tap water too, which boggles Dusie and Jesse X, but it doesn't taste bad.

What's the biggest difference/weirdest thing so far?

The tattoos. Seriously, it's like everyone out here gets a gift certificate entitling them to one free at the age of 18 or when they move here and register to vote. Some of them are really elaborate and beg to be admired as art, but I have already been admonished by Dusie to practice modesty of the eyes and stop staring. Granted, that time I was feeling friendly towards small children, but it was bad manners.

At least I told the girl at Pizzeria Bianco that she was gorgeous.

Any other questions? Ask in the comments!


tracyh said...


tracyh said...

Mom was saying Cain will catch the mouse in the air and play with it and that it is so amazing.

drwende said...

Target's bathing suits run small. Important etiquette question not covered by Emily Post: How to be introduced to one's husband's coworker while coworker is fully dressed but one is, oneself, wearing a bathing suit that is a lot more revealing than it seemed in the dressing room.

And you're not exaggerating about the tattoo thing. If you're ever at George & Dragon, check out the waitress who has leopard spots.

Kerry said...

On her face?

Good to know about Target--I was inclined to go with Land's End anyway, as the bathing suit section was filled with 2 pieces and scared me. I don't even like to try on clothes in the store and would really need a lot to gear myself up for bathing suit shopping. Perhaps a morning reading Cathy would put me in the mood.