Monday, July 28, 2008

Little Bits Of What's Up

I'd like to know what's up with the library I applied to back in spring that had 2 openings for Librarian I. Of course they had no interest in my special self. And now they are advertising 2 positions again, same level, same description, same salary. Libraries that size do not have 4 openings in 6 months.

Also, after reviewing my food logs, I was forced to notice that I drink about 50% of my calories. So I'm going to try this for a week--I'm only allowed to drink water, coffee, and milk. The Sonic chocolate milkshake made a strong argument that it's actually ice cream, but was disallowed. Sigh. Any ideas for a reward if I make it?

In general I'm down, although I have an adventure from last week to write up.


drwende said...

This isn't the one where you interviewed, right? Send your resume again.

It's possible that something went badly awry in the hiring process and the positions were never filled the first time -- or that both hires quit.

In one past job, the person we hired quit within six months and we had to re-advertise essentially the same position. By then, we'd wised up and chose the person we should have appreciated more the first time around. Over ten years later, she's still with the company.

Kerry said...

This was back in OH, and I'm not planning to go back, heat and foreclosure rates be damned. Although this episode of Crime 360 I'm watching is making Cleveland look pretty good, aesthetic wise. I know they got my resume and letter--they sent me the "thanks but we hired someone else" letter.

Some of it is libraries and their craziness, and some of it is me, and it's all a complex clusterfuck.

I have a story about a bad librarian hire I'll tell you sometime--"The Talentless Mr. Tatters." My first job out of college I was the 2nd choice, and I wound up staying 5 years. The first choice lasted 3 days and apparently panicked when confronted with Lexis.

drwende said...

No, don't go back to Ohio!

3 days? That's worse than we did... our first hire had a husband applying for something in South Dakota. The guys up at the Iron Range office where she'd be working said not to hire her because she'd just leave over her husband's job. I went all feminist and championed hiring her.

She left in 6 months over her husband's job.