Monday, July 28, 2008

Dream Analysis, $5

I had a dream this morning that I went up to Prescott for a job interview. When I got there and went up to the information desk I got this list of discussion questions, or just found them amongst my papers. And oh crap, there was some esoteric stuff in there, stuff you really had to prepare for. Something about shelving in Hebrew, like what, the conversos have rediscovered their roots and want Harlequins to practice their Hebrew? The Hasidim have moved up the mountain?

So the interview takes place in this long, dark paneled room with desks in it. And people just start shuffling in. Some of them are clearly patrons--some kids are goofing about on the rug and wrestling. Some of them are the clearly the other staff who will interview me--wearing suits and nice clothes, joking with each other. But no one says anything to me. And I'm being patient and quiet because you're not supposed to be bitchy at an interview. And I'm just standing there, and the din gets louder and I have to leave because it's just too noisy.

As I start to leave this woman pulls my arm and asks me "Do you have your Access assignment?" And I just look at her because, an Access assignment? WTF? And then I just let loose, not shouting, but definitely in my librarian voice (and it was really funny trying not to shout in my sleep):

"Listen, this is supposed to be an interview! You lot (pointing to patrons) have to leave unless you want to sit in on my interview to be your librarian but be quiet. No, I did not get an Access assignment, so I did not do that. I also did not get this list of questions until just now, so I will be speaking off the cuff about that. If you want, we can do this later. Or not at all."

And then the director type person smiles at me, asks me a convoluted question, and like the sucker I am I answer in a perky and positive and accommodating manner.

I swear I think I put all my professional angst and frustration and about half of my general personal issues into that dream. All I needed was a good dose of sexual humiliation in that dream, and the sad picture of my fraught emotional landscape is complete.

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