Sunday, August 03, 2008

September 2008 Bon Appetit--The Issue Of Kerry Enterprises

Feel free to grab the September issue of Bon Appetit and turn to page 28 for the R.S.V.P. recipe request letters. That first letter is mine--I wrote it 5 years ago. You now have the ammo to stalk and defame as you wish!

There is a funny twist to that story: the wonderfully talented and much loved Genevieve whom we were feting was graduating from the Cleveland Institute of Art with a degree in digital design. Within 3 years she and Patrick had decamped to New York where the folks at CondeNet were lucky enough to hire her. And in 2008 she spearheaded the redesign of the Bon Appetit website!

There are other very funny intersections with my life in this issue--the featured cocktail recipe is The Widow's Touch, which calls for Laird's Applejack, a Monmouth County, NJ-based company. I grew up 15 miles away from their homestead headquarters. By the way, applejack rocks. Despite that I doubt we'll be making The Widow's Touch--it calls for too many expensive ingredients.

Plus, Sweet Pea Bakery and Catering has their recipe for Brownie-Chunk Cookies featured in the article "Best of the Bakeshops." I knew Dusie and Aces were big fans of Danielle's goods (and they are excellent), but I didn't know that she's also got NJ ties.

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