Sunday, August 03, 2008

Opinions Wanted--Shoe Edition

Should I keep these shoes or not? They were an implulse purchase when I went into Fabu Footwear looking for nude sandals as per Sal's advice at Already Pretty.

Pros: Very cute. Black. I love the gray stitching that makes them look like they've been basted. The heel is just perfect in terms of making my legs look sexy, and being stable enough so that I won't trip and injure my arm.

Cons: Closed toe, and suede. On one hand, one can actually wear suede shoes here and have them last longer than the first ill-timed snow or rainshower. On the other hand, I also have a tendency to rub heels together, leading to scuffs or bald patches. Is it worth $60 to get pretty shoes in my size that are attractive and comfy, but won't be wearable for another 2-3 months? Waiting isn't really practical, as I wear a very popular size (8.5).

1 comment:

drwende said...

How easy is it for you to find shoes you like?

I see why you're torn. Those are GREAT shoes. They are wearable only from Thanksgiving to Easter in this climate, and you'll want to watch out for the dust.