Sunday, August 03, 2008

Better Check The Lakewood Housing Code

Aces sent this story to me with the question "Worse than the performance artists??"

And the answer is no. Let me explain. Only the person who has actually done so would think that buying a portapotty and installing it in the front yard is an acceptable solution to problem of large parties, not wanting family members in the house and dogs in the backyard. Perfectly logical, right? Gosh, I don't know how the Mesa housing code people overlooked this possibility and didn't write code against it.

The performance artists were masters of walking the fine line and making you wonder if it was really that bad and worth confronting them. Band practice? Okay, it was tuneless, but it was also early in the evening. Dead baby garden? Bad art, but free expression. Recycled Rainbow? Beyond stupid, but if it's not disrupting my life in my house, go on. Talking on the front porch? Even if you're an idiot, that's what it's for. The pot? It's Lakewood.

Setting off fireworks at 1am? That I called the cops about. And I was pissed and went over when they were showing a film against their garage with the soundtrack blaring. And I'm glad that one of the other neighbors busted them for the fires. Friends parking on my side of the drive? Yeah, no--park on the street, get out and hike, sugar.

I kinda miss the constant irritation though.

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