Friday, July 11, 2008

A Short Hiatus

Dear kind and gentle readers,

I need to remove blogging from my "To Do" list for a few days to get other things done, but I need some advice. Dusie finally explained the whole stockings dilemma in terms I could grasp last weekend. Her summary--it's very hot out here, and no one wears stockings from February-October. You only wear stockings with closed toe shoes anyway, so therefore you only wear closed toe shoes during those months. The rest of the time you wear open toe shoes and get a pedicure. I know these Laws of Girl seem simple, but they were beyond me for a while--it was the open toe shoes being okay part that I had not fully grasped. (It was also a much funnier conversation in real time, as I was genuinely confused and she was incredulous, and it took place in the dressing room at Ann Taylor).

So considering I put some fake tanning lotion on my poor pale legs, will get a pedicure, will be wearing a knee length skirt as part of my suit, and I'm interviewing at a public library--it's okay to go without stockings, right?

Still not believing it,



Genevieve said...

It is definitely ok. Even at conservative Sherwin women didn't wear stockings or panty hose.

Just get some of that Aveeno lotion that adds subtle color - on pale girls like us the really intense self tanners look super orange.

drwende said...

I've never seen any woman in Phoenix besides me wear stockings, ever.

Your real dilemma is that no woman in Phoenix wears a tailored suit in July if she can avoid it, so there's no precedent for you to follow.

Come to think of it, I've never seen anyone here in a skirted suit, either. Skirt-and-blazer, yes. Skirted suit, no.

Put an attention-grabbing piece of jewelry up near your face, put your effort into your hair and make-up, and make lots of eye contact. As long as there's nothing wildly bizarre about the rest of you, the interviewer shouldn't even notice whether you're wearing stockings.

(And remember, "wildly bizarre" by local standards requires multi-colored giant tattoos, complicated piercings, or extra limbs.)