Thursday, July 10, 2008

Beat Boredom At The Marlboro Mesa

So aside from golf or cricket, there are other games one can play out here on the Marlboro Mesa. And you don't even have to involve the dogs. Dusie's favorite is Mormon Punchbuggy.

How you play: Drive around on your normal daily errands. When you spot a pair of Mormon missionaries yell "Mormons!" and lightly punch the person next to you. You can always spot the Mormon missionaries--a pair of young men clothed in dark pants, a white shirt and a dark tie, often riding bikes with matching black bike helmets.

They often eat at the Sonic on Country Club, which is where I saw them today.

Mesa was actually founded by Mormons and is LDS central in the Phoenix area. Dusie is appreciative of their presence. "You can always tell who they are--the kids are so well-behaved. In a restaurant, the crayons come out, if there's any fussing a parent takes the kid's so refreshing. If I were going to have kids I'd have to go Mormon just to get my hands on the parenting classes."


drwende said...

If you want scads of Mormons, Jamba Juice in Mesa is the place to go.

Kerry said...

Ah, but where are the jack Mormons? I need a boyfriend who's skeptical and not afraid of caffeine!