Sunday, August 31, 2008

Lakewood Public Library

I've mentioned my disappointments with the new Lakewood Public Library before, but hey, I don't live there anymore! SuperC sent me the PD's architecture critic's take on the finished building. "Emotionally cool to a fault" is an excellent phrase to encompass its tone and failures. If libraries are moving more and more towards becoming community gathering spaces, between new policies aimed at treating patrons like criminals and an uninviting environment, one has to wonder if LPL will continue to enjoy the support of the community.

Although I do think Litt lets LPL off the hook for at least one important point--it's not design rocket science to realize that if you make a majority of the collection reachable by a backdoor that leads directly out to a parking lot and not past a cop or circulation desk, your collection is going to get ripped off. Form follows function, people!

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