Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Highland Trillionaire's Feminist Princess

Go play with The Random Romance Novel Title Generator. It's a fun time-killer, I promise.

My plot for this romance novel, starring me--so I get hired by a chain of inauthentic Scottish tea rooms coming to the Phoenix area as a server, quickly rising to the challenges of a managerial position. Faolan MacMonney,**the head of the company comes to check on things and is as impressed by my ability to upsell* his family's cherished scones and analytical business sense as he is transfixed by my large breasts. I am awfully attracted to his height, dun coloring and distinctive nose.*** We clash on the offensiveness of the nickname "Princess" and the question of whether women can have it all and if so, isn't that kind of a pain, as his jealous sister prepares to alter the quick dining market with the launch of a string of curry and vindaloo takeout carts.

*It's a pun--this is fantasy.
**As my friends at Rainbow Connection can attest, I am very good at the upsell. It combines my talents in flirting and sales.
***What can I say, I have a type, even in my fantasies.


drwende said...


I'm torn between

"The Gaelic Executive's Reluctant Feminist"


"The Native Legal Consultant's Gold-Digging Prisoner"

Kerry said...

Gold-Digging Prisoner, absolutely.