Friday, August 22, 2008

You Know, This Attitude Problem Is An Inherited Trait

If you're Slovak or intimate with some sort of Eastern Europeans, check out this. It's funny because it's spot on.

I have a pet theory about Cleveland--it's not just that the weather and the economy are bad. Face it, Cleveland's best days are in the past, and not even the upcoming global drought and the Great Lakes Water Compact will be able to save it. Cleveland has an congenital case of depression born from its immigrant/migrant past as a stopping point for Eastern Europeans. We're not the happiest of people, we like security, and we don't challenge the status quo. Hard workers though.


Jim Bouman said...
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Jim Bouman said...

I'm Cleveland-born and raised. Irish-Catholic, near west side. Lots of Slovak and Hungarian friends--Dennis Kucinich lived about eight blocks away. We both graduated from St. Colman parish school. Never saw any of that fatalistic baloney you're peddling.
You claim to have "theory" based on dubious and unsupported propositions:
There is a permanent state of innate unhappiness among Slovaks and Hungarians,, rooted in depression born of an immigrant past, supported by a love of security and unwillingness to challenge the status quo.
Ergo: Congenital depression.
I have considered your argument, your serious lack of syllogistic logic and pronounce it...How shall I put this?
I suspect that if you keep this up, people will begin to think that--down deep--this kind of thinking is pretty shallow.

Kerry said...

Bwaahhha. Okay, I've picked myself off the floor now.

Jim, you obviously haven't been reading the blog since you missed the bits where I talk about my own ethnicity and the fact that I lived in Cleveland for 15 years. So guess what? I get to have an opinion, well-thought out or poorly, the same as everyone else does, and I get to express it. It may be based on jack shit, or it may be based on observation that your sacred cow has 3 legs and mange.

As for considering myself "deep," please don't assume your pretensions are shared with anyone else.