Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Home Aspirations

I like to look at apartments on Craigslist. Like with the personals and activities ads, I assume everyone is a lying pervert until proven otherwise.

I am amused by this "New York Style" condo. I don't think the the person who wrote the ad has ever been to New York. It's way too light and airy to be a NYC condo, unless owned by some financier or trust fund baby. It also took me several minutes to figure out what was up with that glass table, if it's cemented into the floor or not, or if there were multiples in the apartment.

I think more "New York Style" is this studio in Mesa--the toilet and shower are in a small enclosed room, the bathroom sink is located in the main room, and there's no stove. There's also a dearth of pictures, it's butt-ugly, and only a 6 month lease, no pets, no smoking. I look at the pictures and feel claustrophobic.


drwende said...

Oh, you can get hours of entertainment from the Phoenix interpretation of "New York style."

tracyh said...

The first "New York style" condo is across the street from where Dale used to work.