Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I Am Bi. Bi-Caffeinated, That Is.

In my past I was a learned connoisseur of the "Cup of Brown Joy". It turns out there are lots of places in the valley to get your tea fix. A good tea high is better than a coffee high--coffee's all business and sit down and get things done, but tea makes you more creative and flirty. But it's just as effective as a mental stimulant. I like my tea smokey and not floral, so yes to the Assam and Irish Breakfast, and "ick!" to Earl Grey. Genevieve and I are fond of Eastern Shore Tea Company's offerings, but City Roast at the West Side Market had a fine selection.

I am really having a hard time restraining myself from getting the plain scone mix at the Fresh & Easy and going to town.

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Anonymous said...

"bi-caffeinated" ... nice :)