Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Time To Ring Some Changes

As most of you know, I got a new job this past week. It's not a librarian job, but it is a position that uses those skills in a new way. I start next week, and if this works out--well, I won't be a librarian any more. How about that?

I'm excited, but not scared. It's been a frustrating battle to find a job and it feels like I've run a long, long time and finally reached the end. It's not where I thought the end was, but hey, it's really nice!

When I think it out, of course I'd wind up in a new profession. In the past year I've gotten rid of most of what I owned, I've left Cleveland and I'm trying to sell the house at a drastically low price without regrets, and I'm recreating so much of my life and my relationships. "Librarian" was a huge part of my identity for a long time, but now I'm moving beyond that into a new professional place.

So you may wonder, "what's going to happen with the blog?" I have some library related and general posts to finish up, including wardrobe analysis freakout, and then I'm probably post intermittently for a while. I can always be emailed, but I am going to concentrate on the new job for a while.

But after that shakes out, you'll get more posts of book reviews, Kerry Reads The Paper, tales of my adventures in Phoenix, dating and living amongst the family, some updated links and a redesign.

And those of you who think I shouldn't be commenting on libraries and librarianship--look, I've worked in libraries since my teens, including 11 years in a professional/paraprofessional capacity, I've been a library user for almost 30 years, and I have a freaking degree. I certainly have a right to my opinion. If you think I don't have that right, go sit on it. I loved being a librarian. I just couldn't find a job. Oh well.

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