Thursday, October 02, 2008

Because Working Naked Is Not An Option

I went shopping for work clothes today. My work wardrobe is currently stored in Cleveland, where it was 56 degrees today. In Phoenix, it was 100. Back in Ohio, I have pulled out a wool sweater as early as September 11th, and worn a winter weight wool skirt as late as May 15th.

Here, I have no clue what to wear. Most of my summer clothing is too casual for this office anyway. The dress code? "A suit is never a bad idea. When in doubt, don't wear it to work." Oh, dear. When you've only recently decided that a colored top is acceptable with a black & white print skirt, and your purse does not have to be only black or brown, and were puzzled by the whole stockings/closed toe shoe revelation, this means more confusion and a few steps back in style. I really wish I had a personal shopper sometimes. Why can't I exploit a relative with a shopping addiction for my own benefit? I hate hunting clothes.

So what do I have to wear to work?

2 square neck sweaters, one black & one purple, from Ann Taylor Loft. All those 60's inspired, Mad Men fashions? Not quite working my curves. These are absurdly flattering though.

1 suit jacket with 2 pairs black pants. 1 pair has to be hemmed, and I should mark my shoes with numbers and match them to particular pants. Yes, I know, Kerry in pants! I hate pants! I wear skirts in January in Ohio, officially marking me as crazy. As per my mom's suggestion, I went to JC Penney. They had no skirts though, and most of the blouses are weird. Look, I have blouse issues anyway--It took me a long time to learn that I am so stacked, I can't wear them. Not unless I had a nice fellow in Hong Kong making them for me, at least. But I don't think female civil servants are allowed to emulate Gatsby in such a fashion.

My tan suit. Yes, they've seen it 3 times. It's tan/sand/beige/whatever. It goes with all my sweaters.

A collection of short sleeved cotton and silk sweaters in a variety of colors.

An odd brown sleeveless top that was on supersale. I tried it on and thought flattering and wearable with the tan suit. It's got a slit front but conceals cleavage, covers waist and hips. Dusie had the same reaction, that it's fundamentally weird but appropriate.

Black & white print skirt, knee length.

Other clothes that might be mixed in, but either they don't fit or I need dress tape or something else for them.

I do think I have a style, or at least themes that repeat throughout the clothes I like best. I just have a lot of trouble a) affording clothes that fit that I like and b) taking chances with my wardrobe.


drwende said...

What I've seen suggests you have a style. It's more grown-up and glamorous than the recent little-girl/sexpot norm; definitely more 1950s than 1960s. So yeah, difficulty buying clothes... that, and Phoenix is the one place on earth where leopard with gold lame is considered quiet and classic.

tracyh said...

We can go shopping this weekend if you want