Saturday, October 04, 2008

Weekends At The Marlboro Mesa

Fall has come to Arizona. The high was only 85 today with clouds and the predictions are that it won't go over 95 for a week. Tonight it will drop to 70, and we had a brief non-monsoon rainstorm this evening. We even turned off the a/c and opened the windows.

Go ahead and laugh.

Last night we had a lot of fun. I made dal per Dusie's instructions, but because she was feeling diet conscious I only used 1 tablespoon olive oil as opposed to her unmeasured glub so it was a bit dry. Jesse X and his friend Iron Will went to the motorcycle shop and brought back beer and food and Brownie. Brownie is Iron Will's chocolate Lab and like all Labs she loves to swim and has a bit of OCD when she sees a ball. So we had Harley, Brownie, Lola and Holly out in the yard (Holly and Lola are dogs who are staying with us while their owner moves to her new place). Then we started throwing the balls into the pool and they'd swim for it and bring it back to us. The problem is Brownie is the only dog who knows fetch is a game and you have to bring the ball back--Harley and Holly (a yellow Lab) swim out and get the ball, but Holly drops it on the way back and loses it and Harley plays keep away and takes it to a corner of the yard. Lola doesn't swim, so she just ran around the pool. I was drenched. It was loads of fun.

Today I decided to try to go to Donut Central despite Jesse X's skeptical comment "You're going to the barrio to buy donuts?" I had a lot of trouble finding the barrio--I wound up at my new job, and then way far north of that neighborhood, when I wanted to be in South Phoenix. Yeah, I know--I have the directional sense of a bat with a head cold. But it was fun driving around. When I finally got there there was a sign on the door, "We are closed today because we sold out of donuts." They're open 4:30am-7pm, out until they sell out, I guess. It was 12:30 when I got there. Oh, well.

Then I spent the afternoon at Iron Will's cleaning. I made $45. So, a good day. Tomorrow I should go to church but it's pro-life day and I'm still freaked from having the video message from the bishop 2 weeks ago telling us to vote against the gay marriage. That was on top of a service where I felt I should keep explaining, "We don't do that in the Trenton Diocese."

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drwende said...

Aha! I knew there was a reason I was avoiding church this weekend. I figured my goal was to avoid political messages, but the ongoing effort to legislate the decisions of scared young women whose lives are already a mess really, REALLY pisses me off.

In my view, the whole point of developing an individual conscience is so that when you've turned down a blind alley where all choices are flawed, you can make your own decision and be able to live with it. Sometimes I think the Church wants to encourage suffering for its own sake, as if there isn't enough out there already.