Sunday, October 26, 2008

DrWende, This One's For You

Raid Finds Pot, Corvette, Harley--And An Alligator Standing Guard. Oh, Cleveland.

In other news, National City got bought. I'm well and truly fucked.


drwende said...

It's the alligator that makes the story.

This is one of my rants about the housing bubble: it set back legitimate, normal urban revitalization by at least a decade, possibly more. (As well as screwing over the people like you who bought a house with the intention of owning a house, not with the intention of flipping property.)

Kerry said...

The gator idea was pretty smart--pot goes best in hot, most environments, and the gator would also love that.

I'm vaguely hopeful about the news on a mortgage bailout, and a bit ticked at my real estate agent, so I'm wondering if maybe selling through one of those DIY companies might be workable.