Sunday, October 12, 2008

In Case You're The Only One Who Doesn't Read The AL

Annoyed Librarian Blogs for Library Journal.

Who's your favorite pseudonymous, martini-swilling, library blogger? The Annoyed Librarian, of course!

Heavens know Library Journal needs the interactive participation. Its adoption of Library 2.0 aspects like comments and blogging is a big FAIL since no one comments. Of course, when you limit the number of characters and screen comments that does discourage the more rabidly fierce nutters. Considering the AL's ability to attract fierce nutters with hard truths about libraryland and delightfully funny satirical writing, it seems like a mismatch but I think the idea is that more moderate voices will emerge and become engaged and that will carry over to the other articles. So picking her up was an excellent decision on their part. If only they didn't allow anonymous comments and forced people to craft some sort of identity.* And hell, she's said she drove a hard bargain.

*I have some ideas on that--look for them soon.

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