Saturday, November 29, 2008

Wardrobe Therapy: Week 2

Finally, I can finish Week 2. Here's my collection of t-shirts. I have a lot of them because I like to wear them year round but they could use some culling.

These are Mystery of the Lost Shopping Trip. Note to self: if you have large breasts, they don't need more attention by having weird gatherings of material between them. Plus, the weird gatherings are not so flattering unless you have a flat stomach. That blue one is linked to my mother; I distinctly remember buying it with her. The black one in the back is actually a Stalwart Staple but I have so many black t-shirts that I have no need to retake the picture.

I'm really struggling what to call these shirts. The closest category is Stalwart Staples but honestly, I never pick them out to wear. There's just something slightly off about each one of them: the red is too intense, the necklines are wrong, the fabric doesn't feel right, it's all too casual. Honestly, I may just give away the whole bunch because I would never wear them if something else was clean, and I have a lot of t-shirts that make me feel better when I wear them.

This is a bad picture of a good Stalwart Staple. It has 3/4 sleeves and a body-skimming triangular shape, and it's made of some poly mix that wears incredibly well.

These are are Torture Devices, but good examples of Joyous Colors.

And these are the Superstars! Most of them are Target Merona t-shirts, and if I see them again in good colors, nothing will stop me from buying them. What makes them so? Good cotton with a little spandex (I think), scoop necks and square necks, but mostly the colors. My Joyous Colors are the olive to mid-plant greens, brown, deep rose to light pinks, the robin's egg blue (but no other blues--I actually have a deep revulsion to blue), eggplant to lavender, orange, and black. Actually the black is only sometimes a Joyous Color. If the garment in question allows for enough skin to show contrast, it's good, but generally I don't like looking emo and I have a dreadful scalp disease that means I am constantly battling dandruffy flakes. It's a disease! Dr. Love will help me!

Oh, and off-white is a Joyous Color but not stark white.

Torture Device To wear this, with its odd edge of the shoulder construction, I'd either have to be in a strapless bra or constantly tuggingat something. Again, bought on a shopping trip with my mom.

Stalwart Staple.

Superstars! I love the embroidery and Russian collar on the black top. This is an item I had reservations on but Mom was right, it looks great. The olive green looks on the shelf what The Romance Heroine calls "slutty maternity wear," but on me it's awesome. The black t-shirt is a Stalwart Staple.

Stalwart Staples. I have these because I have a dress that is indecent without something underneath so when it falls open you don't automatically assume I'm coming on to you, and for under my silk shirt. And to wear to bed in summer.

Torture Devices. They fit fine. Their color disturbs me.

Sentimental Journey. Because I don't like to wear shirts with graphics or writing, but I can't resist a library joke.

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Anonymous said...

You have so many shirts--me too! Makes me feel much better. Although, you managed to photograph yours so that they look flattering. All mine look kind of washed out and sad.