Saturday, November 29, 2008

Wardrobe Therapy: Week 2 Tasks

Tired of my piles? Me too.We took care of Breath and heart there. I have no Velveteen Rabbits to fix, so that takes care of Bones. Head called for starting to secure supply lines. For T-shirts, that is Target, and for work sweaters it is Ann Taylor and Ann Taylor Loft.

Priorities going forward: Do not buy button downs for work or play as they make me look like a milch-cow. Do buy sweaters for work, but honestly I am good for the moment. Cull the t-shirts and start looking at what's out there in spring at Target. I like this cardigan in light ginger and also black, but I am balking at the price. There's a Sears across the street so a field-trip is in order.

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