Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Like I Don't have Enough Things To Worry About

Migaloo, the world's only albino whale, has his own website.

And he also crashed a 40 foot yacht several years ago.

Menace to society, yet adored by the masses.


Cookbook said...

I know that this is a legitimate phobia, like my fear of birds, but I find it incredibly endearing. Just stay away from Migaloo's website, Kerry.

Also, I was briefly considering getting the whale from Neko Case's "People Got a Lotta Nerve" video tattooed on my body, but I reconsidered when I thought about your fear of whales.

Enough whale talk.

drwende said...

Avert your eyes, Kerry! Avert your eyes!

And I promise that the assorted miniature bears and bunnies will not develop a friend who's a whale.

Kerry said...

Cookbook--You're pale enough that that would be really cool--would you do it on your bicep so you can make him jump and flex? And you'd have to get a good artist.

Wende--You're making me think I should make some sea dioramas with all those shoeboxes I have...