Saturday, July 04, 2009

The United States Of Song

So Wende has been playing a little game of finding songs for each state. She challenged me to find each state featured within a song and the link in the title shows my results. I twisted it a little further and only allowed myself songs I knew or owned--so all these songs are ones where I can at least sing the chorus if not recite most of the lyrics,

By the way, not only should you rightfully divide California up into several regions to put all the songs in, but you should really do the same for Texas. And Tennessee, because it is so rhymey and has both Nashville and Memphis. And I was surprised to remember I know 2 songs that feature Alaska. I am not fully finished with this spreadsheet but thought a lazy Saturday was a good time to share.

It's interesting to see what sort of places capture the imagination enough to earn a place in a song.

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drwende said...

Wow! The spreadsheet! Very good.

I should have divided New York into regions, too, but going back to do that would be so ditsy that I had to Swiffer most of my floor as compensation for even thinking it.