Saturday, July 04, 2009

What I Am Up To

As Wende wrote, we had a goofy evening over at the Phoenix Art Museum. It started out by my showing her the painting my imaginary art thief boyfriend will steal for me (as opposed to all my other imaginary boyfriends, whom have other missions). It culminated with a quest to find an open coffee place, which should not be as impossible as it was, and that's even with my confusion of Thomas and Indian School Roads.

We did go past Kitty's Cocktails, which boasts of liquor, music and pool and opens up at 6am. I think it may be the gold standard of dive bars.

There are a couple of other things I have on tap for this week: Scottsdale Public Library has an exhibit on this crochet Great Barrier Reef thing, and tis the season to go bat watching. The limoncello needs to be decanted, which means I have to find some cute bottles as a lot of people want to try this product. And I have 2 big meetings coming up that I need a suit for. And groceries. I have to be into low cost entertainment for a while, as I am planning on going to Cleveland Labor Day weekend to pick up my stuff.

Any questions, ideas, feelings to share? Anyone want to check out the bats with me?

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Anne (in Reno) said...

Your art thief boyfriend has good taste. But Kitty's Cocktails can't compete until they're open 24 hours. Sorry.