Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Because Wende's Back In Town

I'm going to Cleveland this weekend, but I almost really want to be in San Diego seeing this band. They are another one of my long time musical favorites.

I first heard of them when I was about 12. We were spending a lot of time in North Carolina, and their first album was reviewed in The News & Observer. I was already in the throes of my Southern obsession, and this just fed it. I want to say I've seen them do a show, but I just can't remember. But come on, who doesn't love a tune like this? Or the classic "Eight Piece Box?"


Genevieve said...

You do know that my brother produced that album right? And that my dad was friends with Rick before that because he knew him at his day job at a print shop? Funny... small world.

Kerry said...

No, I didn't! Hot Damn!