Sunday, September 27, 2009

In Which I Whine, Piteously

1) So my phone has been missing since last Saturday. I do not want to pay $100 for another freaking phone. I already had to replace it back in June.

2) I signed up for the wrong health insurance at work. Which pisses me off, because I was actually going to use it for once.

3) I am undecided about that stray cat Minka. I need to get the collar on her to see if she has an owner who just lets her roam. If she doesn't have people, I feel obligated to take her in, but I really, really want a Meezer kitten.

4) GMAC sent me a bill for $1600 for an escrow account shortage on a house I no longer own. While I am ignoring it, it was just aggravating.

5) I made a mistake and moved cubicles. On the positive, it's a layout I prefer and I am within shooting distance of Anners. On the negative, it's too noisy.

6) So I walked over to the Viet Salon yesterday to get a pedicure and my eyebrows done. Also in that shopping lot is my new drycleaners. Except they were closed at 2pm on a Saturday with a big "For Rent" sign although all the washers and dryers are still in the space. They have my good tan suit, which I love, and which I prepaid to have cleaned. Columbus Day weekend marks the end of casual summer. I need to buy more work clothes.

7) My hair is too long. See item #1.

8) I am procrastinating on buying a bike, even though it would be a positive thing.

9) I have a zit in my ear and it is very painful.

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