Saturday, September 26, 2009

This Is What Hot, Smart Women Do On Their Saturday Nights

First, in an effort to locate my phone and to figure out what I might want to eat over the next few days, I cleaned out my fridge. I noticed that the fennel looked like it was starting to turn, so I sliced it up along with some celery and a green apple and made it look pretty in a serving dish. I also mixed up dressing--German mustard, honey, salt, apple cider vinegar and olive oil--and heated up a chicken burger with caramelized onion and pepper that I bought at Costco this week. It is really, really, tasty.

While this was going on, Cain was trying to eat the fennel, as he like leafy vegetables. iTunes went into a 5 song stretch of Billy Bragg and finished up with trippy, danceable Indian pop that I was swaying to as I mixed the dressing. The cat stood on the counter and watched with big eyes as I made come hither gestures towards him, as the most important male in my life. Then he fled into the bathroom and his drippy faucet.

Confronting the rest of the veg, I recalled that I bought fennel in the first place to try to make pickled fennel like Cookbook and I had at Lolita. I bought crackers, salami and cheese last week, a favorite lunch/dinner option of mine, so hey--fake gracious living here in CenPho. After a quick trip to the grocery store for vinegar, I put the fennel slices, some green apple and slices of onion into a jar with mustard and dried tarragon and followed the 2nd recipe here.

Oh, and I had a Hagen Das double chocolate ice cream bar for dessert.

Wow, how exciting. How can I even stand myself?


drwende said...

Is this where we line up the sycophants to tell you how real you are?

I think we need to get you some sycophants.

Cookbook said...

But but but this sounds like an awesome Saturday night! In fact it was more or less the Saturday night I had planned for myself until my stylist called me up and forced me to go out and experience public art with him.

I have no willpower.