Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sometimes My Brain Is So Random I Boggle Myself

NPR's Marketplace devoted this week's show to the economic troubles of Cleveland. Fresh off that bit o' depression, I read how Phoenix's light rail is a boon for partiers (hey, they're spending money at least.

Cleveland and Phoenix are like two sides of the same coin--sure, Cleveland's an older town and Phoenix is shockingly new, but they both have sprawl, and need more diversified economies.

But the other thing I thought typified the whole dichotomy was this song by Nanci Griffith, "Drive-In Movies and Dashboard Lights." Phoenix is the sunny sister everyone loves, and Cleveland is the plainer sis who is just waiting for her downfall. I have always loved the line "Heavy of thing and light on integrity."

Yeah, maybe I am pushing it.

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