Saturday, September 26, 2009

What's For Dinner?

Thursday night, Aces came over for dinner and I made Moroccan Stuffed Peppers. I varied it a bit due to circumstances--instead of pistachios I used chopped smoked almonds, and I think the turmeric was actually curry powder. She ate two, and the next day I brought one in to Anners for lunch. She declared it delicious, but as she firmly believes anything she hasn't cooked is automatically 50% more delicious than her baseline alternative, who knows what the objective criteria might grade it as.

I kind of want to know where Wende's sweet potato pancakes went wrong, as I am the only non-Jew I know who makes expert latkes.

I have a sweet potato, 4 avocados, and 3 roma tomatoes to use up, along with cucumbers and red peppers. For the sweet potato, I might do my classic pairing with onion and frozen roasted corn. I think I might make a chopped salad with the rest of the veg. I need to clean out the fridge. Last night I bought green apples to pair with fennel for salad/slaw, artichokes for a gigantic crying project, and 2 pounds of giant butternut squash ravioli. I am also making Cannelini Beans With Garlic And Sage from the latest Bon Appetit--it's a cool feature that shows you how to make the beans and then gives 5 or 6 recipes to use them in.

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