Sunday, October 11, 2009

Marry In Haste, Repent In Leisure

I'm an avid reader of the New York Times "Vows" column, which picks a couple and describes their special love and sunny future in such terms that if you're single you become 10% more bitter by the week, except for in the rare instances in which you yell "Trainwreck!" upon reading how the groom has stalked the bride for 15 years, or how they both left their previous marriages to be together.

This week, they followed up on a couple who married in 2000 and are now divorced. What I found interesting is what they cite as the reason for their split--they got married quickly (about 14 months after meeting), had children quickly, and not enough interests in common to sustain them. And there's a few additional juicy details in the video too.

I feel vindicated in my pickiness. Yes, I know that is hollow and my vindication would be complete if I'd actually go out on a date.

Here's the original rosy profile of their relationship when they married.

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lauralynne said...

"She's the kind of girl who will climb through people's windows if she loves them."

Hmmm...gotta think the Times writer gets a certain perverse pleasure writing these things.