Friday, March 12, 2010

How To Spend A Saturday

Here are my plans for tomorrow: Leave the house at 9:45am to catch the bus to make it to my hair appointment. Afterwards, make my way to the light rail, hit Royal Coffee Bar and the farmers' market, then head to the Roosevelt Row Sidewalk Sale. Also stop by the Roosevelt for day drinking--they promise mimosas. Then catch the #7 up to Highland and Urban Cookies for a grapefruit cupcake. Walk over to the shopping lot at 20th St and then over to the Biltmore where I will use my Borders coupon for World War Z and hopefully Genevieve's birthday present. Take the bus home.

I have to remember to have the iPod charged and judge how much of The Girl Who Played With Fire I've gotten through before I leave and whether I will need another book to take with. If all goes well I'll be home by 6:30pm and I won't be sunburnt.

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