Thursday, March 04, 2010

Portland Park Coffee Potluck

Last Saturday, Aces and I went to the Portland Park Coffee Potluck organized by Tony over at Light Rail Blogger. It was a fun way to spend a cloudy morning--free coffee, baked goods from area coffee shops, some interesting people to talk to. I had joked before that I wasn't going to make Aces be my wing girl, but that's how it turned out. She managed to attract a cool attorney who lives downtown who I have to email about book clubs, a handsome artist, and a fellow dressed as an old timey reporter. At about 11am a lot of young families started popping in to join the single people and dogs that had previously dominated the crowd. I didn't know there were so many downtown.

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Tony said...

Hey Kerry! Thanks so much for coming to the party! Your description is perfect... and I remember the old timey reporter. :) Glad you and Aces has a good time.