Monday, April 26, 2010

LOJO Goes Derby

Okay, LOJO. Sorry to be a little late with this, but you're going to Derby! And I bet you didn't think that with your fashion advice you were also getting betting tips. Based solely on the names and silks, you should put $2 on either Super Saver (oh, come on, who else should a professional vintage purveyor bet on? And he matches your hair. Oh, Calvin Boril is riding him.) or Awesome Act, because you are both. And Awesome Act's silks look like one of your colors.

Anyway, we are going super ladylike for this activity. Pimm's Cups and juleps all the way. The hats in Polyvore did not really do it for me. I see you in either the Sunshine Forever hat or the plum Diana Derby from Maggie Mae Designs.

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I would go for the Fluevogs because I think they'd be more comfortable, but you might prefer the heels and a chilly look for anyone who crushes you or steps on your toes.

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LOJO said...

that outfit is so pretty! Thanks!!