Saturday, May 29, 2010

Don't You Wish You Were Lazy Like Me?

I seem to be treating this Memorial Day weekend like a mini-staycation. So far it has revolved around medding the cat and monitoring his behavior (much improved now that he is on insulin). But I am also lazing.

I went to Giant Coffee, Matt Poole's new venture. He's the guy behind the Roosevelt Tavern and Matt's Big Breakfast. I went early on Saturday and back on Sunday because I had heard the phrase "cherry hand pie" mentioned in conjunction with the place. The cherry hand pie did not do it for me, but the iced honey vanilla latte sure did. It's in a good location--Bunky Boutique moved into the other half of the building, but it is right next to the art museum and Burton Barr, off the light rail and next to a Thai restaurant. If you walk over to 7th Ave you're in the middle of Antiqueville. When Megan cuts my hair on Saturday I will probably wind up down there again.

On Saturday, I then went down to get some green tomatoes. The vendors can't sell until 8am and I wound up waiting and chatting with a nice older woman in line. I then hit Sprouts, and went home to put my stuff away. I filled up my mom's car with gas and got it washed, and then tried to find out which terminal the family's flight was coming into. Sky Harbor has art exhibits located inside and a free shuttle to the airport off 44th & Washington, which means I am too cheap to pay for parking at the airport unless I can combine a trip. I couldn't find them and the flight was late anyway, so I went over yesterday to see everyone.

Generally, I have watched movies, slacked and read without guilt. I finished up a great comic last night called Bayou. I arranged my closet to do some cleaning out. I've played cat dancer with Willa until bored. I have some cooking up to do (that triple batch of green tomato chutney needs freezing) and need to go out in the 98 degree heat to get litter and clean the pantry. But honestly, I don't think I've been so relaxed in a long time.

Fried green tomato BLT, anyone?

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