Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Walkable Neighborhoods And Housing Decisions

NPR's Marketplace Money (a show that we now have on KJZZ! Yea!) featured two stories on housing, commuting costs and walkable neighborhoods this week that are worth a look.

I have the opposite problem of what these stories depict: I live in an apartment that isn't very nice, but it is cheap and incredible conveniently located to work and shopping (although the transit cuts Valley Metro is imposing on the light rail will sting). It is so convenient, that I would not like to move to the nicer apartments in my neighborhood because I'd have to walk farther with my cat litter and groceries. So even if my neighbor hocks a loogie off his balcony and narrowly misses hitting me* with his spit, and even if my roach problem recurs this summer, it's going to be hard to leave.

*It wasn't on purpose, and he did apologize. But still!

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thelady said...

What was that guy thinking buying a home 2 hours from where he worked? I once had a 45 minute commute and that was enough to drive me crazy. In a perfect world I'd have a 15 minute walk to work. Just enough to get my 30 minutes a day of exercise.
I think about these issues a lot because I am looking to relocate and I don't want to be overly dependent on the oil companies and utility companies. The best apartment I ever had was a 435 sq ft 1 bedroom in downtown Columbus, Ohio. It was a beautiful older building with just enough space for my stuff and my cats, super low utility bills, and the size made it easy to clean.