Sunday, May 02, 2010

Events of My Week

1) I accidently washed my iPod. This is why I don't wear pants--pockets hide things from you. Sometimes it's $5, sometimes it an expensive piece of electronic equipment that makes your life so happy.

2) The woman across the way came over and said, "I think you have my cat." I opened the door wide to show her that Cain is larger than her boy and has that distinctive triangular head. I did not say that that's why she should keep her damn cat inside.

3) I am working on cleaning out some of my boxes. I am trying to figure out where the best (ie, most financially remunerative) places and ways to sell things. It's confusing.

4) Between the new biography of Muriel Spark and watching The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie on Netflix, I think I have found a new fascination. Unfortunately, I have a lot of other things to read.

5) Speaking of which, I'm not so sure about these book clubs I have joined. The Good, Good Pig was insanely boring--writers adopt a pig so special farmers can't kill it although it has failure to thrive. It gets better. Everyone loves it, everyone helps feed it, it weights 750 pounds and dies at age 13. The End.

And I understand the lure of Beloved but I've read it before. I will go to that meeting though.

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Esti said...

Muriel Spark is so, so good! The Girls of Slender Means is my favorite.