Saturday, May 22, 2010

Items Of Interest

A slideshow of "ripped from the headlines" stories that made it to "Law & Order." So as a kid in the late 80's and early 90's, with a dad who read the tabloids NY Post and The Daily News, we recognized all the stories. I still do!

It's Penguin's 75th anniversary and they have a contest going on. You need free books.

Planting upside down has benefits. My neighbors across the street have tomatoes growing upside down on their balcony. I was thinking about it before I found a potential source of green tomatoes.

I don't care if bullies just want to be loved. I want bullies CRUSHED.

Fascinating story on a study of American family life.

A sideshow of gorgeous vintage postcards with Arizona scenes. If only there were more!

I know someone who had a public wedding proposal after they'd already decided to get married. The groom was all about polishing his public image, 100% of the time. Guess who?

And a story--I went to the The Royal Coffee Bar yesterday morning and wandered into the market. Transfixes by the sight of green tomatoes (I've been thinking about how I can finally get my hands on some to make chutney) I did notice something odd. Someone had a woven shopping basket with a pet bird--a lovely green and pink and yellow lovebird--that had been trained to sit on the rim and hang out. I was intrigued. The owner was nonchalant.

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