Saturday, May 22, 2010

Vetter Makes You Better. And Poorer.

So I work up on Friday to a large streak of bright red blood in the tub. I an not a woman who wakes up covered in blood and facing some sort of crazy trial with Jeff Bridges as my defense attorney, so my suspicions immediately fell upon Cain, who practically lives in the tub. I watched him pee in his box, and noticed a red blob in the spot. Time to make a vet appointment.

SOMEONE also peed outside the litter box. He's been his usual lazy self, but maybe a little subdued, which I blamed on the heat.

We went to the Animal Hospital on 31st and Thomas. Our new friend Dr. Bishop felt him up, shaved his belly and took a urine sample, and couldn't see any signs of something being wrong. Science Diet is usually great for avoiding male cat urinary problems, and there was no visible blood in his urine or signs of pain. Aside from his dandruff, he looks great. We got some antibiotics, and they are running a urinalysis. There might be something wrong with his urether, but honestly--I think there's nothing wrong and this was a bit of a boondoggle.

Guess Cain's weight? Hint: it's less than 19lbs and 3 oz that he was in 2008. Much less. He's actually the correct weight now.

Guess how much it cost me?

Kitty boy, I love you. Please stay well. And don't fight me on the Clavamox.

Answers: 12lbs, 12oz. And $166.40.

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