Monday, May 24, 2010

Got Thyroid?

So I probably don't have a pituitary tumor. That's good. The other big option that I should get screened for is a thyroid problem, but I have been slacking on that project. Face it, seeking medical care is always a project. And thyroid issues look like lots of other things, including depression, and symptoms creep up and are easy to dismiss.

However, this NY Times "Voices of..." devoted to thyroid patients certainly puts a fire under my ass to get effectively screened and treated if needed.

Most of the people have Graves' Disease, but the woman whose doctors dismissed her hypothyroid issues and didn't counsel her through her pregnancy was scary. Dusie watched this too, since she dealt with this in her pregnancy, and told me that if you are hypothyroid during pregnancy, your baby can lose 25-50 IQ points. Thank goodness that's not SJP!'s problem--we all agree she's bright.

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