Monday, July 19, 2010

More Ideas For Reading Fun

If you have been reading the Steig Larsson books, or are just tired of hearing about them, The Girl Who Fixed The Umlaut will make you laugh. However, the Swedish film version of the first novel is excellent.

New York magazine asked authors about their favorite books in the genre they write in. There's some good ideas for your reading list there.

Speaking as someone who had a book related career and a huge stash before I moved (and still a goodish stash when I moved) I disagree with
this piece. I was finally able to get rid of books when I realized I probably wouldn't have the time to read my backlog any time in the next 30-35 years. Who wants to carry around books for that long, when plenty more, new and great are being published?

And especially if libraries are < a href=> allowed to digitize their volumes and loan out electronic copies rather than physical ones. By law you are allowed to make copies of an original item in order to preserve it. This is a little audacious, not too extreme and I am quite intrigued to see how this turns out over the next 10 years or so.

Foreign players are the NBA's locker room nerds. Based on the dismal state of reading in America in general, this doesn't surprise me. But know where people like to read? Public transit.

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