Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Few Comments And Links

A Collage A Day --Yes, you should subscribe too and buy some reasonably priced art. It's pretty pictures, and who doesn't like that?

After 4 months and numerous searches of her house, property and the surrounding desert, a woman's body is finally found in her home. It's a really horrible story, but I object to the writer's description of the woman as she "loved to hoard." People who hoard don't love to do it--they have to. It's an obsession and an addiction born out of mental illness. And it's just as consuming and isolating as depression or schizophrenia or any other disorder.

So the new super conservative thing to bitch about is the "invasiveness" of the American Community Survey. Heavens forbid the government have the information they need to accurately make decisions and appropriate tax money. Heavens forbid that it should make that information available to people who might want to know if it's a good idea to open a business in their town, or if if they might find other single people with college degrees in the city. No, we should just let elected officials misrepresent and manipulate facts to their own ends and throw money towards the people they owe favors to. Meanwhile, you should have to turn over your height and weight and wear it on a badge to keep your job.


So your brain gets more exhausted the more you multitask and fill your spare moments with electronica instead of staring out the window, judging fellow bus passengers or just figuring out what to make for dinner. This was one of the reasons I won't get a more advanced phone with data capabilities. I use the internet too much already--I need the downtime. Plus, reading possibilities.

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