Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I Swear On Bittman and Brown...

That this week, I will make chutney and peach jam. This is the third freaking time I bought a pineapple for chutney, and the second batch of cheap peaches.

I am just tired, and the cats are crazy. Not just my cats, as Sad Feral Kitten has decided I am her new food source. She cried outside my door for 3 freakin' hours on Saturday. I put Cain and Willa in the bathroom last night, and left the door open to see if she would come in. She did, but only because the bigger cat who has a home came up to bully her out of her food.

I may be going to a community dinner on Saturday, for which I would have to make a savory dish that serves 8-10, costs under $10, and contains a green ingredient. My possibilities are:

Cabbage and noodles
Brussels sprouts with carrots and almonds
Southwestern potatoes (has jalepenos in it)

Any other ideas? But if I can't find my Zipcard, I can't go.

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