Sunday, September 19, 2010

Neat Links

Above is a video on Vespas, including a look at one man's personal Vespa museum.

Modern Phoenix is the site where mid-century design and Phoenix history meet and tussle happily. Check out their collections of vintage menus and restaurant ads

The History of the Bicycle: Did you know bicycles were invented in 1817? That seems awfully early.

A mysterious science fiction writer killed himself in NYC in June. This reporter is on the case of the true identity of a fellow known as "Froggy."

From Mamacita at "What Would Jane Austen Do?", lovely photos of the public art Galveston created from the stumps left over from the trees Hurricane Ike took out. Gorgeous!

Are dreams trying to help you sort out the days events?I never dreamed before going on meds, and now it's like I have a great big backlog of issues to sort out in dreams. I LOVE it.

Jennifer Egan has the coolest writer's website in the world. It's one that goes into the creation of her work and talks about the twists and turns of inspiration. I always want to know why authors get the ideas that they do, and how they reshape them over time.

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Bridget Callahan said...

That science fiction writer? That could not have been his real name. No way. Also, I'm probably going to end up exactly like that.