Sunday, September 26, 2010

Neat Things

A tutorial on what the blogger calls Heidi braids but what I call Tacy Kelly braids. I have always wanted this hairstyle. Maybe Dusie will let Peaches' hair grow long and we can do it up in braids.

Don't think of it as a lost library. Think of it as a series of treasures for someone in the future.

Sarah at Hennessey House is amazing. She makes me want to buy a sander and start thrifting again.

One of the things that disillusioned me as a librarian was reading legislative documents and realizing how much crap our elected officials engage in as opposed to actual business. So I am frankly confused about why Stephen Colbert was testifying in front of Congress on agricultural matters in or out of character.

And a rant--Look, I don't know about you, but yes I do have two breasts that are notably different sizes. I was reassured by Seventeen and YMand Sassy back in the day that everyone does and boys don't mind. And guess what? They don't. And if they do, dump 'em. But surgery for breast asymmetry? Give me a fucking break. Look, we're not dolls. There's variation in the species. And if you'd rather look like a doll than yourself or with someone wants you to look like one, consider why.


Cookbook said...

Mine are asymmetrical. EVERY NORMAL WOMAN'S ARE ASYMMETRICAL whether it is slight or noticeable. Mine are more on the noticeable side. No one has ever cared, including me.

modest-goddess said...

Mine are also asymmetrical. It isn't noticeable when clothed.