Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Cue Hysterical Nervous Laughter

Psychological Problems During Childhood Create Long-Term Economic Losses. Ha ha ha ha ha. Sorry, this cuts close to home. I was a depressed kid, and an extremely anxious one who treated her own anxiety problems. Not with drugs and alcohol like others, but by discovering the comfort in catastrophizing and planning things out by scripts and avoiding people. So now I have a ton of habits I'm trying to break in therapy about how I relate to people.

Creativity Linked To Mental Health. You know, I am creative even when I'm depressed. But when I'm medicated, I'm more likely to do something with that creativity, rather that just sit inside my shell.

From the Washington Post, one of their writers talks about his lifelong hoarding problem. Hoarding is gawk-worthy in a "there but for the grace of God" for most Americans (witness the rash of shows on A&E and TLC devoted to it), but this article was interesting to me because it illustrates how you may not realize the extent of your mental health problems until it gets terrible and you're on the brink of losing everything.

Get pregnant, kiss your mental health goodbye.

Suicide rates have risen among the middle aged for the second year in a row. Suicide might look like a solution to losing your retirement plan. I'm just saying.

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