Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pie Social

I am assertively on Team Cake, forever and ever, but I am stepping outside my culinary expertise to participate in the Pie Social on Roosevelt Row in November 13th. The question is, what pie to bake? I used to make a mean apple raisin pie, but I sort of want to do something with dried cherries. And should I make 2 regular sized pies or multiple hand pies? Baked hand pies, not fried pies. Opinions wanted!


Cookbook said...

Pie social? That sounds fun. I'm on Team Cake too. ;)

How about a dried cherry/apple pie? Along with some kinda creamy-based pie. Like a chocolate pie.

I would opt for regular-sized pies.

Cookbook said...

Oooooor, thinking about one of the best Jeni's flavors: dried cherry and goat cheese somehow. Winning cheesecake-ish flavor.

Kerry said...

No meltable pies are allowed--they are not supplying refrigeration. Maybe work goat cheese into the crust somehow? That tang?