Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Can I Get A "WTF?"

Go read this link: Belinda Powell, Phoenix's "Pickle Lady" doesn't really make her pickles. She takes Costco Vlasic pickles, and does things to them, repackages them and resells them in canning jars. And we're not talking identifiable weird stuff, like Kool-Aid pickles, but disguising them so that someone who isn't careful might not realize they're paying premium prices for augmented pickles you'd buy at Fry's and make yourself.

Look, even if this is not against the farmers' markets' rules, I think this is insane and a bit shady. I'm not a huge fan of farmers' markets in general, but I think this takes the cake for overpayment for their wares.


Anne (in Reno) said...

This seems bizarre. Although I've never asked the pickle guy at our market where his pickles come from either. Hmm.

Maybe they should just have to advertise where their cucumbers are sourced from?

lauralynne said...

My grandmother refashions pickles this way--so did my great-grandmother and now my mom. They're very tasty. But I was surprised, too, when I learned how they were made. This doesn't actually keep me from eating them. :)