Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I'm Afraid of Frying. And Layer Cake.

So Cookbook is itching to organize and host a cooking challenge. I remembered her list of 100 dishes she wanted to try to make and tried to come up with my own.

The thing is, she writes immodestly and smugly, I am a good cook, and an advanced home cook. I have made lots of dishes that intimidate others: bread (including pita), a gigantic pork shoulder thing, have cooked my own turkey and made side dishes, my own stock, cakes galore, and plenty of other dinners, fancy finger food and whatnot. But there are still some dishes I've never gotten to because of the time and advanced skills.

Here's my list, in no particular order:

1) Kibbe
2) Donuts
3) Lady Baltimore Cake
4) Brown Derby Grapefruit Cake
5) Fried chicken
6) Caramel cake
7) Pickles (actually brining and canning my own)
8) Raita/tzatiki
9) Sausage (actually stuffing my own)
10) Pie
11) Beef carpaccio
12) artichokes
13) Stuffed artichokes alloutte
14) Sponge cake
15) Buche du Noel
16) Cream puffs with chocolate on top
17) Carrot pudding
18) Chocolate mousse
19) Pizza
20) Souffle
21) Graham crackers
22) Homemade poptarts
23) Macaroni & cheese
24) Chocolate pudding
25) Beef stock

So Cookbook, I'm in on your challenge. Ante up, sweetheart!


Cookbook said...

Me? Smug?

Planning a post regarding challenges sometime next week. Stay tuned.

Also. Lady Baltimore Cake? Mmmm.

Kerry said...

No, me. I am smug.