Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010: Aunt Mary Jane Represented, And No One Bickers

Happy Thanksgiving, ya'll.

As my uncle was clearing out Aunt Mary Jane's house this summer, Aces asked out cousin Kells to grab some cardigans for us. Aunt Mary Jane was a high school history teacher--of course she had 900 cardigans. I scored this one, which is older than I am and supposedly was bought as part of a fund raiser for some Irish convent and knit by the nuns, nice, thoughtful, caring Irish nuns, not the Magdalene Sisters. I wore it today in remembrance.

By the way, here's a shot of my fabulous Fluevogs that the fam bought me in San Francisco this spring. I wore them with my denim skirt from eShakti. My mom complimented me on it. Aunt Mary Jane would have approved of them too.

It struck me that our holidays have been much less stressful since my dad died. My mom enjoys not having to cook or do anything. She did tell Dusie that she was being like Daddy and to please stop when Dusie kept stressing out about if there was going to be enough food for 9 adults and two toddlers. Of course there was. There were 2 turkeys and 6 vegetables, plus stuffing and dessert. I had the brilliant idea of making the stuffing in the crockpot. Dusie has been converted to brining after my efforts last year. It was damn good turkey.

After we ate, Dusie and I went to the scrapbooking store to hit the 20% off, pictures with Santa, OMG Thanksgiving, reward yourself for slaving over the stove event. Of course we took the baby (she wore her footie pajamas with the monkeys) and she cried at the scary red man.

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