Sunday, November 28, 2010

I Feel Like I Should Relay What I'm Up To...

Okay, so this was a great weekend even if holy heck, hazelnuts are hard to crack. Definitely a task, like painting, for which one is thankful for the Savage Love podcast.

I went for a bike ride. It was 4 miles and had 2 stops. Look, I have crappy cardio and endurance levels so this is a great baby step. And 4 miles by bike really opens up my world. I bet I could go to Delux next for a cheeseburger. Combining a full tummy of rare meat and the endorphins might make my head explode or something.

My living room got rearranged again. The Crimson Conquest is moving and wanted a good home for her dresser. She doesn't care what I do with it, she just couldn't bear to dispose of it herself. So my mom helped me move it. We put it in the living room with the card catalog on top and I started loading it with my scrapbook supplies. So the whole room has been moved around again and has a lot of room and looks good. I need to take my books to Half Price and my Goodwill boxes to Goodwill, and it will be better. And clean out the fridge.

Today I might make Slovak style noodles, the kind Little Grandma made. They look like worms floating in your soup.

It looks like next week I will be dog sitting, finally. I also have a ticket to the Ignite After Dark on Friday night, but am wavering on going. And on Saturday there is a Craft Rave. $5 to get in, and it's bring your own crafts to work on or do some projects they will have set up. Plus, if I'm out at the Marlboro Mesa, I am right by Ikea and shopping. So dangerous.

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