Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Yay, Solstice!

I have been longing for the Winter Solstice for a while now. It's never been darkness at 5:30pm that bothers me, but the sun not rising until past 7am really throws me off. It's 6:30am, and while I've been awake for a while that time was spent in bed on the internet and petting Willa. Now I am running the dishwasher and cleaning the catboxes, other miscellaneous chores.

I am taking Thursday off to do my Christmas shopping, but I am also incredibly interested in making a Brown Derby Grapefruit Cake. I am so excited for the My 25: Cooking With Cookbook Challenge in the new year. I was at AJ's trying to find duck this weekend, for pete's sake.

The whole grapefruit cake might spark another discussion with my sister about why I am so weird and don't I think I cling to my weirdness to alienate people, but the truth is this is how I am. I am smart, I am curious, I am creative. When I hide that, or feel ashamed, I wind up in trouble. I have to just roll with it and hope.

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Cookbook said...

Grapefruit cake sounds amazing!